Gimme Gimme Gimme
How do I get a Mini?

Good question, friend. There are several ways.


You can no longer send a stamp to:

Moped Press
Astor Station (USA)

Send as many stamps as you would like Minis. Let me know which ones you would like. You at least should let me know which ones (if any) you already have, or you risk doubles. I ain't no freakin' Kreskin.

In addition to the titles shown, there are also two titles in the DIY series, available by mail order only. They're printed on "salmon" colored paper, which makes it worth it.

If you are visiting this site from a non-US location and would like a Mini, you have a few options:
You can send a stamp anyway, or
You can send me a picture or a postcard of your country, or
You can write me a nice letter. Just do something.

Send a picture of yourself enjoying a Mini in an exotic location, and maybe I'll put you on this web page.


Another way:


You can probably no longer get Minis through Twee Kitten Records.

Order some CDs and there will be a bonus for you. That bonus is a Moped Mini. Is that what you thought the bonus would be? That's what you're getting. While supplies last.


A possibility:

Special Limited Edition versions of You Must Be This Tall To Play Real Golf, The Truth About The Chowder, and The Dog of Love were included in the Sputnik Disaster 7" on Heliotrope Records. Maybe you can still find one. Maybe not.


The old-fashioned way:

You can scour the piles of free stuff at bookstores and record stores. I sometimes leave them there. Unless you live within driving distance of Boston this may not be fruitful. I occasionally get up to Portsmouth. I might someday go to Providence. I have been known to go other places, and I have friends in even more places than that. You get the thrill of discovery (maybe), but not the thrill of getting mail, or the thrill of something extra in your record. The choice is yours.


A rockin' way:

You can go to a Buckners show. They give away Minis at their shows, as well as providing fine musical entertainment for the young people. Upcoming shows.


A defunct way:

You used to be able to get them from Simple Machines Mail Order. This is no longer so. Simple Machines is no longer so. Did they fold to get away from me? We may never know. Basically, if you want one, email me. All these ways are currently defunct.


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