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Relish Melts

I started making these when I worked at a hotel a few years ago. For the most part, they served us sub-school cafeteria quality food, and often the same entree for days at a time. Few will forget the week of rock-solid, hard-the-first-day burritos we had to endure, or the tireless onslaught of escarole soup (affectionately referred to as "Harbor Chowder", as it gave the impression that the chef went out in Boston Harbor in an inflatable dinghy and just started scooping crud off the surface in a big pan). Fortunately, there was always a steady supply of condiments and hot dog rolls, even when there were no hot dogs to be seen. At first I was only making relish boats, but I realized that it would be much more nutritious to add cheese to the mix.

You Need:

A hot dog roll


A slice of cheese

A toaster or microwave

Fill the roll with relish. Lay the cheese on top. Toast until the cheese melts, or microwave to achieve the same effect. Toasting also gives you a crisp bun, which really adds to the experience (but if the buns are real stale, microwaving will soften them up, and make them seem fresh).


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